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RMH Industries teams up with Thordon product distribution

September 1st 2008

Thomson & Gordon is a Canadian company based in Burlington Ontario since 1911. Since it’s beginning in the marine water lubricated systems, Sandy Thomson 3rd generation owner, decided to develope a polymer to return to systems without oil losses due to the normal propeller operation as well as spill incidents while getting the reliability of oil lubricated systems in the marine industry. Thus creating the Thordon company in 1960. 

Since then Thordon is present in over 100 countries, assisting Maritime, Hydro-Electric and industrial applications.

Always seeking to improve the support given to it’s clients, in 2009 RMH Industries teams with Thordon to distribute and develop its products in the province of Quebec. A promissing choice considering the excellent dynamic bettween the companies. Sales and new applications continue to rise.

Uranie Thordon

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and Placage au chrome de Ste-foy