RMH Industries

RMH Industries


1- Main bearing

Recommended grade : SXL

2- Kaplan Turbine

Recommended grade : ThorPlas©

3- Segmented Shaft Seals

Recommended grade : SXL

4- Water Quality Package

Clean water supply for main bearing and segmented shaft seal

5- Wicket gates

Recommended grades : ThorPlas© and HPSXL TRAXL

6- Servo-motor

Recommended grades : ThorPlas© et HPSXL TRAXL

7- Butterfly valve

Recommended grades: ThorPlas© & HPSXL TRAXLµ

8- Pump bearings

Recommended grades : SXL, ThorPlas©, Composite et XL

9- Wear bands

Recommended grades : SXL, HPSXL & ThorPlas©

10- Hydraulic seals

Ex : Servo-motor, Hydraulic-Pneumatic, wicket gates, etc.

Recommended grade: Thorseal

Download the brochure : Hydro turbines bearings (PDF)

Download the brochure : Hydro- Turbine application product manual (PDF)

Download the brochure : Water Quality Package (PDF)

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